October 18, 2015

 Sat afternoon 4.30 pm Men’s
Some good games continued an enjoyable week end. Certain games were extremely tight and it all came down to the last stones of the game to decide who would win. Certainly competitive curling was seen this afternoon and will lead to an exciting quarter finals which can be seen on live stream from the DIBCA web site after 7.30 pm.

Whyte had the hammer and the first two ends were blanked.
The third end saw a change with guards remaining and Whyte lying three in the 8 foot. Macleod’s 3rd went to lie against the back shots but was a bit heavy and left himself open however a light shot drew and he hit and rolled off his own shot to guard the opposition. After the opposition removed a guard Whyte elected to draw up to the opposition shot stone and his 3rd duly obliged.
Macleod played an aggressive draw on to the last played stone but it nicked a guard and lay to the front of the 8 foot. Whyte hit and rolled out off that shot leaving the opposition to consider their options with their last shot. Some enthusiastic brush movements tended to indicate the different opinions but the only shot was a draw onto the top of the opposition which he duly did. A power shot from Ross saw him strike the opposition on the side and kinetic forces worked and he ended up with a 2.
The 5th saw Macleod take a 2.
The 6th end developed until Ross played his last stone past a good guard to push the opposition stone out and lie a bundle. The opposition conceded at this time.

Bryce stole the 1st end and Lille took the 2nd end – both got singles. Bryce then went on to take a 2 in the 3rd.
The 4th saw guards out front and a great shot from Bryce’s 3rd saw a takeout leaving him lying three at the front of the 8 foot and then they just traded shots until Bryce’s take out was light and caught and moved the guard giving a chance to Lill. They did not capitalise on this and they took out their own stone. The result was that Bryce took advantage and went on to take a 1.
Lille however came back in the 5th and took a 2 to tighten the score to 5-4.
The 6th saw Bryce’s Zack Stewart take a nice double and lie at the front of the 12 foot. Lill was still shot in the 4 foot and drew another into it behind the guards. Bryce elected to raise his front shot and it did not contact as much as he wanted but he still removed one of the opposition stones. Lill did not have the hammer and the lack of guards was not helpful to his options.
Lill drew another red to the back of the 4 foot and Bryce tried for the double but only got one and reduced the opposition to 1.
Moving to the end of the 7th saw Bryce lying shot in the 4 foot just in front of a red and a further guard was well placed to protect the centre stones. Lill played to draw to the centre but it stayed a bit high and provided Bryce the chance to hit and roll and lie shot. Some considerable time was spent in exploring the options open to Lill who elected to raise his own stone to the centre. It nearly came off but perhaps a little too much weight saw it nicking a guard but the stones still lay in a position they could be raised to the centre. Bryce saw this danger and asked Zack for a guard which he duly provided and provoked further debate on options and angles. Lill played what appeared a great shot to raise his guard but a nick and a wick saw a further blue spinning into the centre 4 foot. Bryce placed his shot as a guard and forced Lill to play heavy weight up the centre which was well played and his shot spun quickly and straight right to the centre but it still left Bryce shot. With one end to go Bryce looked for more shots but his shot was of no effect – he still got a 2.
The 8th and last end saw a very long Lill guard followed by a further one. A centre Bryce stone was then ticked to the edge of the 12 foot at 9 o’clock. Lill called either a guard or draw round but it fell just short. This last played shot was ticked off and Lill persisted with the out hand draw which was well done through great sweeping. Bryce’s Zack Stewart just skinnied the opposition stone enough to remove it. A b of it tit for tat took place with shots being dawn and the removed. Bryce run Lill out of stones to win the game.

Hamilton took the 1st against the hammer and stole the second. Pougher however got a 3 in the 3rd to go 3-2 up.
The 4th and 5th ends saw each team take a one and playing the 6th the score was also tight at 4-3.
A striking 6th end resulted in Hamilton hitting and rolling out and Pougher blanked the end.
The 7th saw Hamilton lying 1 in the house but there were a mixture of stones in the 8 foot and for spectators it was unclear who was 2nd. Hamilton put a longish guard on the centre and Pougher then went for a hit and roll on an outside stone but his weight must have been down as he crashed the guards allowing Hamilton to take a 1 and the game was drawn going into the 8th but Pougher had the hammer.
The last end saw some good shots but Pougher was faced with drawing against a two with his last shot and whether tight or light the game went to Hamilton.
Taylor took 2 in the 1st and 3 in the 3rd while Sloan only managed a 1 in the 2nd.

Hardie had the hammer and started strong taking a 3 in the first and 2 in the second. Howat was unfazed by this and took a 1 in the 3rd.
The 4th saw Hardie stones scattered about the house and Howat elected for damage reduction going for a double take out which was well played. Hardie however took a 2 in that end and then a 4 in the next which saw them shaking hands 

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