February 07, 2016

The Final

MacDonald took a dominant lead in the final taking the first four ends to lead 5-0. Alan MacDougall’s side kept the pressure on, they took a single in the 5th and guarded up in the 6th playing aggressively to try and get back into the match. However, a short final stone from Alan meant at least two shots to MacDonald and the handshakes were offered.

Team Ewan MacDonald are Accord ESL Aberdeen City Open Champions 2016. The team now move into 3rd position of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour with just one event left.


The first semi-final was between Team England (Alan MacDougall) and Team Wales (Adrian Meikle), so in addition to a place in the final there was national pride to play for too. The English went ahead early leading 5-1 after 5, however the Welsh struck back with a big three. England made their single in the 7th and looked to defend their two shot lead in the 8th. However it was the Welsh that took their chances and Adrian had a draw for two to tie the game. The sweepers nursed it to the button for the extra end. The Welsh placed their guards well early in the extra but when skips came to play the house was open again. Alan was left with an open hit for the game. He held his nerve and made no mistake.

In the other semi-final Lauren Gray, the remaining ladies team in the event, faced the tournament favourites skipped by Ewan MacDonald. It was a tight match at 3-3 after five ends, when Ewan made a draw for two and control of the game. In the 7th, MacDonald managed to get a stone well guarded on the edge of the four-foot and the girls had only a tricky tap to the button to save one. Lauren executed the shot perfectly. The men tried hard to lift a double on the guards in the 8th but never quite managed it. A good draw by Lauren with her last showed Ewan only half stone. This proved more than enough and he peeled it out for a place in the final.

For the second time this weekend Scotland will play England for the cup. Will yesterday’s events at Murrayfield be echoed in Aberdeen today?

Quarter Finals in Focus

Local blogger Louise Edwards reports on the quarter final action:

The 8 quarter finalists took to the ice at 9am this morning while other competitors were no doubt taking the opportunity for a well earned lie in to ease their sore heads from last night.
Great to see 3 ladies teams making the Sunday stage of the competition, joined by the Welsh and English men and 3 Scottish men's rinks.
MacDonald v Fleming
Unfortunately for the girls this game got off to a bad start with Ewan and his team stealing 3 in the opening end. The next end the men continued to pile on the pressure and Hannah was forced to draw for her one before conceding a two and a subsequent steal of two in the fourth. At 7-1 the girls decided to call it a day.
Macleod v Gray
This game seemed to have a lot of stones in play from the start, with Scott taking on a number of run backs and angles to try and keep the ladies from running away with the lead. Lauren played a very nice shot in the 6th end, scraping (and nudging) past a shot at the front of the house to take another 2 and a convincing lead - full credit to her sweepers for a lot of effort on that one! Scott attempted a difficult raised split for three in the seventh end but unfortunately only scored one and the team shook. #girlpower
MacDougall v Aitken
The first half of this game was a tight affair with scores of one keeping the game close. A pivotal two from the English men when already one up, followed by some effective clearing by the team meant the young Aitken side were run out of stones playing the last end.
Taylor v Meikle
Momentum in this game swung between sides, with Taylor taking a big three in the sixth end. The seventh end was blanked leaving the Welsh men requiring a score of two to take the game into an extra end. After Adrian's first stone in the last end, the team lay three (one top four and two in the back eight all on the centre line), Taylor, took on the double for the extra just missing the run back and left Meikle a nose hit for the win - which he duly made.

February 06, 2016

Saturday Evening Round-up

In the Red Section Ewan MacDonald beat Anna Fowler to finish top of the section. With this loss Anna's team failed to make the Sunday just one end short of 4th spot.

In what were two straight play-off games to qualify, Gina Aitken beat Dillan Perras and Scott Macleod beat Maggie Wilson to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively on three wins.

Lower down the table Adrian Meikle beat Ross Fraser for his 2nd win and sneaked into 4th spot moving ahead of Anna Fowler on their 'shots up' score.

Hannah Fleming stole a crucial 8th end from Stuart Taylor to draw their final game in the Blue Section. Stuart remained unbeaten and qualifies in first. The share of the points kept Hannah in the tournament otherwise she would have dropped to 5th place.

Jackie Lockhart played Lauren Gray in an epic battle that saw Lauren steal the last two ends to take victory with a scoreline of 10-9. Lauren and team qualify in 2nd with 3wins.

Alan MacDougall picked up 5 ends in his win over Andrew Hutcheon, this gave him a total of 17 total ends seeing him safely through to the quarters in 3rd.

February 02, 2016

Accord Aberdeen City Open

The penultimate event on this year's calendar gets underway on Friday.

As always the City Open will provide great fun throughout the weekend together with some serious competition.

The draw is below, while more information can be found on the event's own blog: http://aberdeencityopen.blogspot.co.uk/

Ian Keron
Susan Kesley
Scott Macleod
Alan MacDougall
Ross Fraser
Judith Dixon
Anna Fowler
Stuart Taylor
Gina Aitken
Lauren Gray
Bill Morrison
Jackie Lockhart
Ewan MacDonald
Andrew Hutcheon
Maggie Wilson
Rebecca Morrison
Adrian Meikle
Hannah Fleming
Dillan Perras
Duncan Menzies


        Draw 1                              12.30 pm   Red Section
        Draw 2                              3.00 pm     Blue Section
        Draw 3                              6.00 pm     Red Section
        Draw 4                              8.30 pm     Blue Section


        Draw 5                              9.00 am     Red Section
        Draw 6                              11.30 am   Blue Section
        Draw 7                              2.30 pm     Red Section
        Draw 8                              5.00 pm     Blue Section

        Entertainment & Dinner       8.00pm


        Quarter Finals                     9.00 am
        Semi Finals                        12.00 am
        Final                                  3.00 pm

Scottish Championship Draw

The draw is now complete for the Go Coco Scottish Curling Championships taking place in Perth 14th - 20th February 2016, five teams having qualified via the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour. They are:

Bruce Mouat
Grant Hardie
Cameron Bryce
Scott Macleod
Ewan Macdonald

Good luck!

December 21, 2015

Heavens open in Dumfries, but play goes on!

Despite treacherous Weather conditions, the GSCT/CCT Challenger series, sponsored by Lely, went ahead at Dumfries. The weather did however affect the Blogage, as internet access was severely disrupted.
So apologies that this was not updated throughout the weekend, but here is a round up of this weekend's event!
Ladies Event
In the Semi finals both games went down to the last shot of the game.  Gray managed to draw the button to score 2 and beat Drendl and Maillard stole 1 from Gisler to win the other Semi Final.

Lauren Gray and here rink of Jennifer Dodds, Vicky Wright & Mhairi Baird beat Isabelle Maillard's rink of Andrea Marx, Bettina Bouhlel & Fabienne Furbringer in a very close final where Lauren and her team managed to keep the last end clear to score 1 and win 6-4

Ladies Final Standings
Gray (Sco) - 1st
Maillard (swi) - 2nd
Drendl (Ger) - 3rd
Gisler (Swi) - 4th
Fleming (Sco) & Rilea (Swe) - 1/4 Finals

Men's Event
Bruce Mouat took on 2014 champions Tom Brewster in the Final of the Men's event where the final also went to the wire with some great shots and powerful sweeping on display.  With the game tied after 7ends Mouat had the hammer in the last end.  Brewster was lying 3 shots when Bruce came to play his last stone where he needed to lift a double and stay to win.  He duly lifted the double and then everyone's hearts were in there mouths and the gasps were let out as the stone started to roll.  It came to rest with the thought of a measure in mind, but as the teams studied the stones team Brewster agreed that it was one to Mouat and Bruce and his team of Duncan Menzies, Gregor Cannon, Angus Dowall & Bobbie Lammie were Lely Challenger Series winners for 2015

Mark Armstrong from Lely came along to watch the final along with a good crowd of spectators.  Mark presented the teams with there prizes.

Mens Final Standings
Mouat (Sco) - 1st
Brewster (Sco) - 2nd
Hardie (Sco) & Bryce
(Sco) - Semi Finalists
(Sco), Hamilton (Sco), Thune (Den)  & Van Dorp (Ned)  - 1/4 Finalists

A big thanks went out to the Sponsors Lely, Scott Henderson for producing great Ice for the teams and all the volunteers at Dumfries who helped run the event, transport teams and keep the event running over the 3 days.

There is a big break for the GSCT now, with the next event being Aberdeen City Open 5th - 7th Feb 2016.
Have a great festive season folks and see you all in the New Year!

December 18, 2015

Lely Challenger Tour Event in Dumfries

Play is underway at the Lely Challenger Tour event in Dumfries. You can follow the action at http://www.dibca.co.uk.

November 22, 2015

Team Mouat takes Goldline Scottish Curling Tour Forfar Open title

Forfar Open winners - Team Mouat
The final of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour Forfar Open started with little risk being taken from either team and Team Macleod had a slight upper-hand with a score of 1-0 after 3 ends.

The fourth end saw lots of stones in play with skip Bruce Mouat narrowly missing a raised take-out for 3 with his last stone and taking just 1 shot  to level the game at 2-2.

A guddly fifth end saw Scott Macleod get his first stone hidden in the 4 foot however Bruce Mouat played a raised take-out to remove. Scott attempted the same draw again but it slipped to the back 12 foot and gave Team Mouat a significant steal of 4 shots.

Throughout the sixth end, Team Macleod tried to make use of opposition counters to freeze and have as backing. A successful corner freeze from Scott Macleod with his first shot and a four foot draw with his last stone saw a score of 2 added to the board for Team Macleod.

A steal of 1 for Team Macleod in the seventh end saw them go 1 down into the final end. Typically, the guards went up with Team Macleod playing an aggressive end and Team Mouat trying to keep the end as clear as possible. The final stone saw skip Bruce Mouat faced with a nose hit which he executed well to give Team Mouat a 7-4 win and the Forfar Open trophy.

Finalists L-R; Ross Fraser, John Penny, Derrick Sloan, Scott Macleod, Bruce Mouat, Bobby Lammie, Gregor Cannon & Angus Dowell

Team Macleod puts out GSCT leader Team Hardie

The quarter finals were great for the spectators with Team McGlynn having a great game and forcing skip Bruce Mouat to draw the 4 foot with his final stone to win the game. Team Mouat will face Team Bryce in the semi-final after they overcame Team Joiner in this morning's quarter final game.

Team Bryce in action in the quarter final

The ladies quarter final game between Team Jackson and Team Aitken was closely matched with Team Jackson running Team Aitken out of stones in the final end to win the game. They will face Team Macleod who played a great game to see off Team Hardie, current leaders on the GSCT leader-board.

Team Macleod in action in the quarter final