October 18, 2015

Mouat v Whyte End 3

Mouat's team are giving nothing away here and at one point were lying 4.  The Whyte team are fighting hard to get things going and with some great play managed to blank the end.

3 - 0 after 3.

Bryce v Hardie

End 3 some some great drawing shots by both teams and some interesting tactical discussions from both teams.

Some 10 stones were in the 8ft or closer when it came to the skips shots.  With both skips facing very technical shots to engineer a favorable out it really could have been make or break for the game.

Cameron played a nice hack weight with his first, followed by Grant also playing a hack weight that just rolled behind the cluster of stones leaving Cameron with a 1/4stone clear on the shot stone which just flicked his own stone on the way past.  This left Grant a more difficult shot than the previous end for his two.  A nice draw to the button tied the the game at 2-2 after 3ends.


End 4

Team Hardie really starting to apply the pressure with some good shot making and forcing the small errors from team Bryce.  Cameron Bryce was faced with an in-off from the wing to remove two counters from the button.  This was a great attempt by Cameron making contact with the shot stone but just unable to generate enough force to remove it from shot.  A steal of 2 turns the game around and Team Hardie take the lead for the first time in the game.

Meanwhile across in the other semi-final team whyte had managed to get some good shot positioning in the 4th end but just could not get the Mouat counter of the edge of the button to score the two or three they were looking for and Mouat pinched a single.  Team Whyte are still in this game but will hope to score in the 5th.

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