October 16, 2015


The first games of the ladies Section saw Aitken v Murray and Jackson v Ward 

A spirited display by all players resulted in both being tight games.

Aitken and Murray were pealed going into the last. Aitken had last shot and needed to draw to the 4 foot to beat the opposition – good judgement and sweeping saw her do this.

Jackson had a two shot lead going into the 8th however Ward evened up the game forcing an extra end.

Jackson had the hammer and like Aitken needed to draw to the button to win and on / off sweeping caused some concern for those watching from afar, but Jackson’s crew got the shot there to win with pin point accuracy.

In the 1st two ends Murray took a 2 and a single to go 3 up and Gina got a single in the 3rd.
The 4th saw two yellow guards but with two blues in the 8 foot. Aitken’s 3rd – Rowena Kerr played a lovely long raise on one of the guards straight onto the oppositions centre stone. This was countered by the opposition 3rd – Naomi Brown who removed it and there were now 3 blues. Then Aitken 3rd again played a nice shot and hit and roll to the shot. Murray caught a guard trying to remove the shot yellow. Aitken then drew the front of the 4 foot with her 1st shot and Murray elected to hit and roll which she got well – coming to rest guarded and beside the opposition yellow. Aitken just fell short with her centre draw leaving Murray the opportunity of taking out the other yellow however we are not sure what happened with the played stone but Murray only took a one.
The 5th end saw Aitken take a single and as we watched the end stones in the 6th saw Rowena Kerr draw a lovely shot between some guards to tap her own shot back. Murray’s 3rd quickly played and took off a guard and Aitken drew her 1st shot to the front of the 4 foot. The double was on for Murray’s shot if the angles were right but they were not and the hit shot jammed and stayed in the 4 foot. Aitken needed to draw to the 4 foot which she did and Murray elected to draw the 4 foot. The sweepers were quickly on the stone but to not avail and Aitken claimed her 3 to go 1 up going into the 7th.
The 7th saw lots of stones in the house and some guards but as the skips went to play, Murray was shot and guarded. Aitken elected to play a long guard and cleared a road for her next shot. Murray played a nice guard and left Aitken to play an angled raise using her shot in the 4 foot to remove the two opposition stones. There was no screaming or raised voices and the shot sailed up the ice and she did her job – removing one opposition stone but apparently not lying shot herself. Again Ward looked to draw the shot but despite the efforts of the sweepers she did not make her 2nd shot and the score was now pealed going into the last end with Aitken having the hammer.
Going into the last 7 stones the house was empty but when Aitken went to pay her last shot she had a pressure shot to get to the 4 foot or lose the game. Some spirited sweeping and good judgement saw her take the game.

Ward took a 1 in the first and their play was not as fast as the other game. Sophie Jackson was left to play her last shot for a draw to the 4 foot to save one if not two shots. This was a tight shot as the opposition were just to the centre of the front of the 4 foot – however Sophie showed a cool head and drew the shot to save the end.
The 3rd end saw many shots in play and Ward had a line of 3 stones in the centre guarding her single shot in the 8 foot at 6 o’clock. Jackson’s 2nd shot was a bit light and came up short of the 12 foot. Ward then drew the 8 foot and got her two.
As the bloggers stopped for food the next three ends were recorded only by the Ward coach and the score board. So the 4th and 5th went to Jackson and as we move the final shots into the 6th we have Jackson 4 – 3 up.
Playing her first shot Sophie was faced with two opposition stones counting and deep guards in place. A nicely drawn shot to the 4 foot however was still there to be moved however Ward’s stone was slightly fast and never drew giving Jackson a steal and the score is 5- 3 in her favour.
When Sophie went to play her 1st shot the only one in play was a red touching the button. This ended up in the 12 foot and left Ward playing a nice weight and nearly got the double. Jackson hit the opposition out and left Ward having to play the centre stone however she rolled out leaving a blank end, Jackson with the hammer and 2 up.
Ward was not giving up and half way through she was lying two in the centre and an outer guard. Jackson played the guard and it angled to the centre and removed the two opposition stones. Ward played into the house and allowed Jackson the opportunity of a raised double which nearly succeeded.
Shots later Ward was lying with stones either side in the 8 foot and a wide double by Jackson nearly paid off. Ward again played a guard and Jackson made to remove the only blue – the shot however went through a gap that surely was too small for it. Ward drew another shot to the back of the 12 foot.
Interest in the other game resulted in the next shot being missed however there was no change in the head. Sophie hit and rolled out with her last shot and Ward redeemed her earlier shots by drawing for a two and the game going to an extra end.
This end saw 9 shots played and Sophie in trouble with two blue in the house and guards out front. Although she cleared one shot in the house a guard was quickly in place again. Jackson played this off – perhaps also looking for a hole to the shot stone. Ward’s first stone was a nice guard and Sophie removed it. Two shots to go – Ward’s 2nd stone was again a good guard and Sophie elected for the draw to the 4 foot to win the end.
Some on and off sweeping caused concern about the flight of the stone and this was not helped by Sophie and the 3rd showing hand signs it may be too heavy however good playing by Sophie and good judgement by the sweepers and the 3rd saw the stone come to rest on the button.

Really the four ladies teams all played some great shots and made some great judgement calls which it is hoped will give us a good weekend ahead.

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