October 23, 2015

Aberdeen International

Aberdeen International Curling Championship

The inaugural Aberdeen International Curling Championship will take place on the 25-27th March 2016 and will be a fitting finale to the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour 2015/16. The event is expected to attract a world class field to Aberdeen in order compete against our top Scottish men.

The Goldline Scottish Curling Tour is pleased to announce that Scottish mens teams featuring on the GSCT leaderboard prior to the event may be eligible to apply for 50% discounted automatic entry to the Aberdeen International Curling Championship.

To be eligible each team must have met the following criteria*:

1.       Have competed in a minimum of four GSCT tournaments during the 15/16 season (prior to The Aberdeen International)

2.       Be ranked in the top 10 mens teams on the GSCT leaderboard 2015/16 following the penultimate tour event (the Aberdeen City Open).

3.       Have received no direct funding in respect of entry fees from the Scottish and British Curling programme for season 2015/16.

4.       Have applied to receive this discounted entry via the GSCT email address scottishcurlingtour@gmail.com no later than Friday 5th February 2015.

*Please note that in the event of over oversubscription the discount will be limited to the highest placed 4 teams on the GSCT leaderboard.

The GSCT would like to thank British Curling and Curl Aberdeen for providing this sponsorship and looks forward to an exciting end to the season’s curling calendar in Aberdeen.

October 18, 2015

Grant Hardie, Blair Fraser, David Reid, Billy Morton

Thanks to all the teams who took part, coaches that travelled to assist teams, Ice Staff, Local Organising Committee & John Graham Chairman for presenting the prizes

Dumfries Open 2015 Runners Up Team Mouat presented by Local Chairman John Graham

 A fantastic final finished of with another great shot from Team Hardie lifting a double to win the game.

It was a hard fought final but played with the highest standard of sportsmanship and etiquette by both teams

Colin Williamson was looking after the Ice this weekend big thanks to him and his team

Bruce Mouat was forced to draw for 1 against 3 in the 7th end as team Hardie did a good job of clearing of stones to protect their lead.

6th End - Wonder Shot

Grant Hardie plays a fantastic angled raise with his final shot of the end to remove a Mouat counter from the button and leave himself lying 3 shots to take a 3 shot lead into the last 2 ends.

Great shot will it be enough to win the Dumfries Open or can Mouat get back into it for the last 2ends

Bruce, Duncan, Bobby, Angus & Gregor make up team Mouat

Grant, Blair, David & Billy make up team Hardie

Bruce played a half weight nose hit in the 5th end against two to score a 1 and level the scores.
2 - 2 after 5 ends with Hardie holding the hammer

End 4 shows some good stone placement and sweeping from the teams early on.  Two uncharacteristic mistakes from both skips last stone resulted in a steal of 1 for Team Hardie.

Some Early Action shots from the final.  Both teams trying to apply the pressure and force a mistake from the opposition.  After a blanked 1st end both teams trading singles.

1 -1 after 3 ends with Mouat holding hammer
The Players have been well looked after by the Bar Team and the Trophy is now polished and ready for the final.

                                                           Bruce Mouat v Grant Hardie.

Follow livestreaming at www.dibca.co.uk
Grant Hardie defeats Cameron Bryce in the last shot of the game.

Grant now waits to see who he will play in the final as Ross Whyte tries to score two in the last end to force an extra end.

Team Whyte trying to apply the pressure to force the one or pinch another and tie the game.
Bobby Lammie here playing a hack weight on the top blue to roll behind cover well executed.  Whyte drop the centre guard to try and make the force of 1.

Over in the other Semi Final team bryce engineer a chance for 2 to tie the scores but just come up short with the last draw.

Hardie leads 6 - 5 with hammer in to the last end.
Both Semi - Finals still poised for a dramatic finish.

Ross Whyte steals a single in the 6th to get within 1 shot

Grant Hardie playes a nice takeout for two with his last stone to restore his two shot advantage.

2 ends to go stay tuned

End 5

Both teams with hammer making the most of it and score 2.

Mouat  4 - 2 up with hammer on Whyte
Bryce v Hardie 4 - 4 with hammer to Hardie in the 6th

Its getting interesting here at the Ice Bowl this morning.

Mouat v Whyte End 3

Mouat's team are giving nothing away here and at one point were lying 4.  The Whyte team are fighting hard to get things going and with some great play managed to blank the end.

3 - 0 after 3.

Bryce v Hardie

End 3 some some great drawing shots by both teams and some interesting tactical discussions from both teams.

Some 10 stones were in the 8ft or closer when it came to the skips shots.  With both skips facing very technical shots to engineer a favorable out it really could have been make or break for the game.

Cameron played a nice hack weight with his first, followed by Grant also playing a hack weight that just rolled behind the cluster of stones leaving Cameron with a 1/4stone clear on the shot stone which just flicked his own stone on the way past.  This left Grant a more difficult shot than the previous end for his two.  A nice draw to the button tied the the game at 2-2 after 3ends.


End 4

Team Hardie really starting to apply the pressure with some good shot making and forcing the small errors from team Bryce.  Cameron Bryce was faced with an in-off from the wing to remove two counters from the button.  This was a great attempt by Cameron making contact with the shot stone but just unable to generate enough force to remove it from shot.  A steal of 2 turns the game around and Team Hardie take the lead for the first time in the game.

Meanwhile across in the other semi-final team whyte had managed to get some good shot positioning in the 4th end but just could not get the Mouat counter of the edge of the button to score the two or three they were looking for and Mouat pinched a single.  Team Whyte are still in this game but will hope to score in the 5th.
All four teams look sharp this morning with some very well executed shots being played.

Grant Hardie played a very pin point hit at roll to lie behind cover on the front edge of the button with Cameron Bryce then drawing inside it for a 1 in the 1st end.

Bruce Mouat played a nice double in the first to counter some good play from team Whyte to score a 3 in the first and take an early lead.

End 2 Bryce v Hardie

Grant had first chance for a two in this game.  Slightly over ice the shot and gave up a steel of 1.
Bryce 2-0 after 2ends

Ross Whyte blanked the 2nd end after lifting a double with his first and then hitting and rolling out for his 2nd.

Sunday 18th 9.30am

SEMI FINAL 1 Hardie v Bryce

SEMI FINAL 2 Mouat v Whyte

 Sat afternoon 4.30 pm Men’s
Some good games continued an enjoyable week end. Certain games were extremely tight and it all came down to the last stones of the game to decide who would win. Certainly competitive curling was seen this afternoon and will lead to an exciting quarter finals which can be seen on live stream from the DIBCA web site after 7.30 pm.

Whyte had the hammer and the first two ends were blanked.
The third end saw a change with guards remaining and Whyte lying three in the 8 foot. Macleod’s 3rd went to lie against the back shots but was a bit heavy and left himself open however a light shot drew and he hit and rolled off his own shot to guard the opposition. After the opposition removed a guard Whyte elected to draw up to the opposition shot stone and his 3rd duly obliged.
Macleod played an aggressive draw on to the last played stone but it nicked a guard and lay to the front of the 8 foot. Whyte hit and rolled out off that shot leaving the opposition to consider their options with their last shot. Some enthusiastic brush movements tended to indicate the different opinions but the only shot was a draw onto the top of the opposition which he duly did. A power shot from Ross saw him strike the opposition on the side and kinetic forces worked and he ended up with a 2.
The 5th saw Macleod take a 2.
The 6th end developed until Ross played his last stone past a good guard to push the opposition stone out and lie a bundle. The opposition conceded at this time.

Bryce stole the 1st end and Lille took the 2nd end – both got singles. Bryce then went on to take a 2 in the 3rd.
The 4th saw guards out front and a great shot from Bryce’s 3rd saw a takeout leaving him lying three at the front of the 8 foot and then they just traded shots until Bryce’s take out was light and caught and moved the guard giving a chance to Lill. They did not capitalise on this and they took out their own stone. The result was that Bryce took advantage and went on to take a 1.
Lille however came back in the 5th and took a 2 to tighten the score to 5-4.
The 6th saw Bryce’s Zack Stewart take a nice double and lie at the front of the 12 foot. Lill was still shot in the 4 foot and drew another into it behind the guards. Bryce elected to raise his front shot and it did not contact as much as he wanted but he still removed one of the opposition stones. Lill did not have the hammer and the lack of guards was not helpful to his options.
Lill drew another red to the back of the 4 foot and Bryce tried for the double but only got one and reduced the opposition to 1.
Moving to the end of the 7th saw Bryce lying shot in the 4 foot just in front of a red and a further guard was well placed to protect the centre stones. Lill played to draw to the centre but it stayed a bit high and provided Bryce the chance to hit and roll and lie shot. Some considerable time was spent in exploring the options open to Lill who elected to raise his own stone to the centre. It nearly came off but perhaps a little too much weight saw it nicking a guard but the stones still lay in a position they could be raised to the centre. Bryce saw this danger and asked Zack for a guard which he duly provided and provoked further debate on options and angles. Lill played what appeared a great shot to raise his guard but a nick and a wick saw a further blue spinning into the centre 4 foot. Bryce placed his shot as a guard and forced Lill to play heavy weight up the centre which was well played and his shot spun quickly and straight right to the centre but it still left Bryce shot. With one end to go Bryce looked for more shots but his shot was of no effect – he still got a 2.
The 8th and last end saw a very long Lill guard followed by a further one. A centre Bryce stone was then ticked to the edge of the 12 foot at 9 o’clock. Lill called either a guard or draw round but it fell just short. This last played shot was ticked off and Lill persisted with the out hand draw which was well done through great sweeping. Bryce’s Zack Stewart just skinnied the opposition stone enough to remove it. A b of it tit for tat took place with shots being dawn and the removed. Bryce run Lill out of stones to win the game.

Hamilton took the 1st against the hammer and stole the second. Pougher however got a 3 in the 3rd to go 3-2 up.
The 4th and 5th ends saw each team take a one and playing the 6th the score was also tight at 4-3.
A striking 6th end resulted in Hamilton hitting and rolling out and Pougher blanked the end.
The 7th saw Hamilton lying 1 in the house but there were a mixture of stones in the 8 foot and for spectators it was unclear who was 2nd. Hamilton put a longish guard on the centre and Pougher then went for a hit and roll on an outside stone but his weight must have been down as he crashed the guards allowing Hamilton to take a 1 and the game was drawn going into the 8th but Pougher had the hammer.
The last end saw some good shots but Pougher was faced with drawing against a two with his last shot and whether tight or light the game went to Hamilton.
Taylor took 2 in the 1st and 3 in the 3rd while Sloan only managed a 1 in the 2nd.

Hardie had the hammer and started strong taking a 3 in the first and 2 in the second. Howat was unfazed by this and took a 1 in the 3rd.
The 4th saw Hardie stones scattered about the house and Howat elected for damage reduction going for a double take out which was well played. Hardie however took a 2 in that end and then a 4 in the next which saw them shaking hands 

October 17, 2015

11.30 am Saturday

Some changes to the rinks being played as the ladies were in an extra end.

Rink A -- Howat v Sloan
Howat with the hammer got a 1 in the 1st but Sloan won the 2nd and 3rd ends to go 4 up.
A single in the 5th for Howat was followed by Sloan taking a 2 in the 6th. Following a single in the 7th Howat conceded

Rink B Mouat v Hardie
Mouat appeared to be running away with this game with the score 7- 2 in his favour after 3 scoring ends.
David managed to stop the rot by getting a 2 in the 4th however the game was conceded going into the 6th end with a 10 – 4 score line.

Rink D – Macleod v Pougher

Macleod had the hammer and took the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th ends while Pougher only took the 2nd and leaving a score line of 6 – 2.
Although both teams were playing good shots in the 6th end there was a lot of granite in the 8 foot and only one of these was a blue of Pougher. A red guard on the front made Pougher’s opportunities less and his effort to go round the guard failed.
With a score line of 8 – 2 for Macleod the game was ended.

Rink C Bryce v Hamilton
Bryce with the hammer took a 2 in the fist and after a blank2nd end Hamilton took a 1 in the 3rd.
In the 4th end Hamilton played a light hit and roll to get into the 4 fott behind some guards. Bryce played a heavy shot which resulted in some clearance but when everything stopped moving Hamilton found his two shots remaining in the house and both on the centre line. Hamilton put a nice guard on and Bryce was left with a difficult shot through a port of two guards. He got it well and while he removed one blue stone the other was left to give Hamilton a steal of 1.
Bryce took a 2 in the 5th to go 4-2 up .
The 6th saw a different end develop with not much being left in the house. Bryce took a 2 and the game was finished 6 -2 for Bryce.

Rink F Lill v Whyte

A blanked 1st end was followed by Whyte taking the 2nd and 3rd ends to go 3 – 0 up. A blank in the 4th was followed by Whyte getting a 2 in the 5th and 1 in the 6th which saw the end of the game.

October 16, 2015

Men’s 8 pm Friday night.

Sloan had a bye.

Hamilton v Whyte  late starting due to extra end earlier on that ice pad. The game was conceded in the 5th with a score of 3. Final Score 7-2 score in favour of Whyte.

Hamilton took a 1 against the hammer in the first end and Whyte took a 2 in the 2nd.
The 3rd end was a blank but the 4th saw a lot of granite in the 4 foot. A big raise from Hamilton saw the guards move and the shots in the head scattered but leaving Whyte in a good position and after changing positions with the only yellow stone he was lying 4 - but lots of options for Hamilton.

A big shot saw Hamilton rink take a double but the shooter spun round and lay to the back of the Whyte front shot. Whyte’s shot hit good and he was left with three well-spaced shots. Graham Black playing Hamilton’s last two stones played a lovely draw to the 4 foot to take a shot.

Playing the 5th Whyte was 4-2 up with the hammer against him. With 8 shots played there were guards up and Hamilton’s shot in the centre 4 but a well-played shot between the guards saw Whyte now claim the 4 foot for himself.
Some tactical shots saw Whyte having to move the front opposition shots and the danger of jamming his own did not happen. He took further shots that end and this saw the game conceded.

Bryce v Pougher was late starting due to the extra end in the ladies.

Bryce and Pougher took singles in the first four ends but Bryce took a 5 in the 6th to go 6-3 up.
A further single for Bryce in the 7th saw the score 7-3 in his favour.

Mouat v Howat
The local Dumfries Junior squad lost a 4 against Mouat in the 1st and a 2 in the third but clearly not disheartened they got a 1 in the 4th and the 2nd was blank.
The game was conceded in the 6th end

Lill v Macleod

Macleod with the hammer started off in a spirited fashion taking a 3 and Lill could only respond with a 1 in the 3rd following a blank 2nd end.
By the 6th end all was square and Macleod had the hammer but he had one lying against him. A very heavy shot saw him looking for a wick off his own shot to take the opposition out but he found a space to go straight through. The end finished with Lill scoring 1 and a further 1 saw Lille 5 -3 up in the 8th.  Macleod tried a difficult double for 3 in the 8th and missed by the finest of margins to allow Lill to record the win.

Hardie v Taylor. A fascinating game developed between these two teams and close scoring saw the lead changing. It was difficult to say who would win and Taylor was unfortunate that when they got rid of the opposition yellow guard it bounced off an outlying stone and finished up dead on the centre line behind a guard. Notwithstanding that bit of bad luck for him - Taylor had the chance to win the game with his last shot but it fell far short. Whether there was something amiss with stone is not known but there was no sign from the team of that having been the case.
Taylor with the hammer took a 1 in the 1st and Hardie countered with a 2 in the 2nd. Each team took their ends when they had the hammer and playing the 5th they were peals.
Taylor took a 1 in the 5th and appeared to be getting the upper hand and was lying two in the house with guards when the Grant played to the 4 foot and extremely strong sweeping saw it miss the guard by millimetres and gain advantage by a few centimetres.
Taylor took very little ice and a little tap and the kean ice saw him move the yellow into 2nd place. Grant played the same shot again but a touch lighter saw the sweepers give up when it stopped on the 8 foot.
Going to the 7th saw Hardie 2 shots down and after a few shots it appeared Taylor had the high ground again even although Hardie was lying shot. Grant played a lovely draw shot to the edge of the 8 foot and Taylor then hit and rolled out of the other Hardie yellow. Grant then played to draw a second shot and again the Kean ice allowed the sweepers to take the stone into the rings but this time to score.
All square going into the 8th and Taylor has the hammer.
Hardie placed a guard at 6 o’clock; Taylor elected to draw to the 12 foot at 3 o’clock but is stayed straight and ended up touching the 12 foot at 6 o’clock; Hardie looked to lock on to the opposition but it fell short behind his 1st guard; Taylor elected to split his front shot but Chay Telfer’s stone caught the guard and stones were replaced; Hardie elected to draw to the centre but that shot caught a guard – the played stone remained in play about a metre or so outside the rings at 4 o’clock; Taylor elected to remove the guards with success; Hardie drew another yellow guard which Taylor removed however this yellow struck the previous yellow guard sitting at 4 o’clock and bounced back in and lay to the back of the button and guarded – get Grant to put a lottery ticket on!. Another guard by Hardie was removed by Taylor but his shooter was now another guard on the centre; Hardie played another guard and again Taylor moved to get rid of these and this time he had good fortune and removed every guard there was. Hardie’s guard was right of centre and offered Taylor an opportunity but his shot caught the guard leaving Hardie to decide on his last shot placement.

Hardie played his shot and it came to rest as a guard in the 12 feet. Taylor elected the draw to the centre however he was very light of weight and Hardie won the game.

The first games of the ladies Section saw Aitken v Murray and Jackson v Ward 

A spirited display by all players resulted in both being tight games.

Aitken and Murray were pealed going into the last. Aitken had last shot and needed to draw to the 4 foot to beat the opposition – good judgement and sweeping saw her do this.

Jackson had a two shot lead going into the 8th however Ward evened up the game forcing an extra end.

Jackson had the hammer and like Aitken needed to draw to the button to win and on / off sweeping caused some concern for those watching from afar, but Jackson’s crew got the shot there to win with pin point accuracy.

In the 1st two ends Murray took a 2 and a single to go 3 up and Gina got a single in the 3rd.
The 4th saw two yellow guards but with two blues in the 8 foot. Aitken’s 3rd – Rowena Kerr played a lovely long raise on one of the guards straight onto the oppositions centre stone. This was countered by the opposition 3rd – Naomi Brown who removed it and there were now 3 blues. Then Aitken 3rd again played a nice shot and hit and roll to the shot. Murray caught a guard trying to remove the shot yellow. Aitken then drew the front of the 4 foot with her 1st shot and Murray elected to hit and roll which she got well – coming to rest guarded and beside the opposition yellow. Aitken just fell short with her centre draw leaving Murray the opportunity of taking out the other yellow however we are not sure what happened with the played stone but Murray only took a one.
The 5th end saw Aitken take a single and as we watched the end stones in the 6th saw Rowena Kerr draw a lovely shot between some guards to tap her own shot back. Murray’s 3rd quickly played and took off a guard and Aitken drew her 1st shot to the front of the 4 foot. The double was on for Murray’s shot if the angles were right but they were not and the hit shot jammed and stayed in the 4 foot. Aitken needed to draw to the 4 foot which she did and Murray elected to draw the 4 foot. The sweepers were quickly on the stone but to not avail and Aitken claimed her 3 to go 1 up going into the 7th.
The 7th saw lots of stones in the house and some guards but as the skips went to play, Murray was shot and guarded. Aitken elected to play a long guard and cleared a road for her next shot. Murray played a nice guard and left Aitken to play an angled raise using her shot in the 4 foot to remove the two opposition stones. There was no screaming or raised voices and the shot sailed up the ice and she did her job – removing one opposition stone but apparently not lying shot herself. Again Ward looked to draw the shot but despite the efforts of the sweepers she did not make her 2nd shot and the score was now pealed going into the last end with Aitken having the hammer.
Going into the last 7 stones the house was empty but when Aitken went to pay her last shot she had a pressure shot to get to the 4 foot or lose the game. Some spirited sweeping and good judgement saw her take the game.

Ward took a 1 in the first and their play was not as fast as the other game. Sophie Jackson was left to play her last shot for a draw to the 4 foot to save one if not two shots. This was a tight shot as the opposition were just to the centre of the front of the 4 foot – however Sophie showed a cool head and drew the shot to save the end.
The 3rd end saw many shots in play and Ward had a line of 3 stones in the centre guarding her single shot in the 8 foot at 6 o’clock. Jackson’s 2nd shot was a bit light and came up short of the 12 foot. Ward then drew the 8 foot and got her two.
As the bloggers stopped for food the next three ends were recorded only by the Ward coach and the score board. So the 4th and 5th went to Jackson and as we move the final shots into the 6th we have Jackson 4 – 3 up.
Playing her first shot Sophie was faced with two opposition stones counting and deep guards in place. A nicely drawn shot to the 4 foot however was still there to be moved however Ward’s stone was slightly fast and never drew giving Jackson a steal and the score is 5- 3 in her favour.
When Sophie went to play her 1st shot the only one in play was a red touching the button. This ended up in the 12 foot and left Ward playing a nice weight and nearly got the double. Jackson hit the opposition out and left Ward having to play the centre stone however she rolled out leaving a blank end, Jackson with the hammer and 2 up.
Ward was not giving up and half way through she was lying two in the centre and an outer guard. Jackson played the guard and it angled to the centre and removed the two opposition stones. Ward played into the house and allowed Jackson the opportunity of a raised double which nearly succeeded.
Shots later Ward was lying with stones either side in the 8 foot and a wide double by Jackson nearly paid off. Ward again played a guard and Jackson made to remove the only blue – the shot however went through a gap that surely was too small for it. Ward drew another shot to the back of the 12 foot.
Interest in the other game resulted in the next shot being missed however there was no change in the head. Sophie hit and rolled out with her last shot and Ward redeemed her earlier shots by drawing for a two and the game going to an extra end.
This end saw 9 shots played and Sophie in trouble with two blue in the house and guards out front. Although she cleared one shot in the house a guard was quickly in place again. Jackson played this off – perhaps also looking for a hole to the shot stone. Ward’s first stone was a nice guard and Sophie removed it. Two shots to go – Ward’s 2nd stone was again a good guard and Sophie elected for the draw to the 4 foot to win the end.
Some on and off sweeping caused concern about the flight of the stone and this was not helped by Sophie and the 3rd showing hand signs it may be too heavy however good playing by Sophie and good judgement by the sweepers and the 3rd saw the stone come to rest on the button.

Really the four ladies teams all played some great shots and made some great judgement calls which it is hoped will give us a good weekend ahead.

Game two at Dumfries Open

Findlay Howat had the bye this time

Mouat v Taylor 
The first end saw Mouat taking a 2 but Taylor took singles in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This close game was burst open by Mouat taking a 4 in the 4th to go 6-2 up.
Taylor took the 5th and 6th end with two singles but Mouat got a single in the 7th and Taylor got a 3 in the last to leave Mouat as winner by a single shot.

Hardie  v Sloan 
A very quick end saw Sloan take a 1 against the hammer and then straight into the second end.
With some shots in the house and out front, Andrew Murray played a nice raised strike which took out the yellow centre stone. This however was countered and going into the skips stones Sloan faced three yellows in a nice line in the house. Graham’s strike nicked the guard and Grant and his third had some debate on their options. Grant’s play resulted in him opening up his front stone but still lying four. Graham’s second shot saw him clearing two of these and Hardie drew to take a 3 in the first.
The game see sawed after that with Hardie taking a 3 in the 2nd but a blanked end in the 3rd allowed Sloan to draw for a 3 in the 4th. Grant came back and took a 3 in the 5th but Sloan then took a 1 in the 6th and the game was 6-5 in Grant’s favour however there were two ends to go and both skips are tacticians.
Hardie took a 1 in the 7th and going into the 8th the score was 7-5 for Hardie. The 8th never finished and was conceded when Grant lifted a double and run Sloan’s team out of stones.

Bryce  v Whyte 
Having the hammer allowed Whyte to take a 3 in the 1st and the 2nd end saw Whyte facing 2 reds with his last shot but he only took one of these allowing Bryce to take a 2.
Whyte took a 1 in the 3rd but Bryce countered with a 2 in the 4th. With the game tied it was open to both but the 5th saw Whyte take 2 in the 5th when Cameron’s hitter rolled out leaving Ross the draw. The 6th saw Bryce having a clear house facing his last stone and he chose to blank the end and going in to the 7th Whyte is 6-4 .
In the 7th end Bryce took a 2 off Whyte and we moved into the 8th end with both teams tied.
In the last end good guards provided by Bryce’s team saw Whyte knocking these off until with the last shot of the game he was faced with three Bryce stones around the 4 foot but still there was an opportunity to hit and roll to the centre and win the game however the stone stayed straight and the result was it rolled out leaving Bryce the winner.

Pougher  v Lill

Lill took the 1st end and Pougher won his end but after that he stole singles in the next three ends so going into the 6th it was 4 -1 for Pougher.
Lill tightened the score by getting a 1 in the 6th and in the 7th Pougher countered by another single and the game finished with a score line of 6-2 for Pougher.

Hamilton v Macleod 

A blank 1st end was followed by MacLeod taking a 1 in the 2nd and Hamilton a 1 in the 3rd. The teams were winning the ends they had the hammer on but a 3 in the 4th saw MacLeod having a 4-2 advantage going into the 6th.
A further 3 by Macleod saw the score 7-2 in their favour and the game was conceded.

Next games for the men are 8 pm and so far the ladies went on only 15 minutes later than expected. Early reports are the ice was running well with good draws.

On Completion of each game teams are playing two LSD to determine hammer for the following game and also for ranking if required to determine the qualifiers to the 1/4finals