October 17, 2015

11.30 am Saturday

Some changes to the rinks being played as the ladies were in an extra end.

Rink A -- Howat v Sloan
Howat with the hammer got a 1 in the 1st but Sloan won the 2nd and 3rd ends to go 4 up.
A single in the 5th for Howat was followed by Sloan taking a 2 in the 6th. Following a single in the 7th Howat conceded

Rink B Mouat v Hardie
Mouat appeared to be running away with this game with the score 7- 2 in his favour after 3 scoring ends.
David managed to stop the rot by getting a 2 in the 4th however the game was conceded going into the 6th end with a 10 – 4 score line.

Rink D – Macleod v Pougher

Macleod had the hammer and took the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th ends while Pougher only took the 2nd and leaving a score line of 6 – 2.
Although both teams were playing good shots in the 6th end there was a lot of granite in the 8 foot and only one of these was a blue of Pougher. A red guard on the front made Pougher’s opportunities less and his effort to go round the guard failed.
With a score line of 8 – 2 for Macleod the game was ended.

Rink C Bryce v Hamilton
Bryce with the hammer took a 2 in the fist and after a blank2nd end Hamilton took a 1 in the 3rd.
In the 4th end Hamilton played a light hit and roll to get into the 4 fott behind some guards. Bryce played a heavy shot which resulted in some clearance but when everything stopped moving Hamilton found his two shots remaining in the house and both on the centre line. Hamilton put a nice guard on and Bryce was left with a difficult shot through a port of two guards. He got it well and while he removed one blue stone the other was left to give Hamilton a steal of 1.
Bryce took a 2 in the 5th to go 4-2 up .
The 6th saw a different end develop with not much being left in the house. Bryce took a 2 and the game was finished 6 -2 for Bryce.

Rink F Lill v Whyte

A blanked 1st end was followed by Whyte taking the 2nd and 3rd ends to go 3 – 0 up. A blank in the 4th was followed by Whyte getting a 2 in the 5th and 1 in the 6th which saw the end of the game.

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