October 16, 2015

Game two at Dumfries Open

Findlay Howat had the bye this time

Mouat v Taylor 
The first end saw Mouat taking a 2 but Taylor took singles in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This close game was burst open by Mouat taking a 4 in the 4th to go 6-2 up.
Taylor took the 5th and 6th end with two singles but Mouat got a single in the 7th and Taylor got a 3 in the last to leave Mouat as winner by a single shot.

Hardie  v Sloan 
A very quick end saw Sloan take a 1 against the hammer and then straight into the second end.
With some shots in the house and out front, Andrew Murray played a nice raised strike which took out the yellow centre stone. This however was countered and going into the skips stones Sloan faced three yellows in a nice line in the house. Graham’s strike nicked the guard and Grant and his third had some debate on their options. Grant’s play resulted in him opening up his front stone but still lying four. Graham’s second shot saw him clearing two of these and Hardie drew to take a 3 in the first.
The game see sawed after that with Hardie taking a 3 in the 2nd but a blanked end in the 3rd allowed Sloan to draw for a 3 in the 4th. Grant came back and took a 3 in the 5th but Sloan then took a 1 in the 6th and the game was 6-5 in Grant’s favour however there were two ends to go and both skips are tacticians.
Hardie took a 1 in the 7th and going into the 8th the score was 7-5 for Hardie. The 8th never finished and was conceded when Grant lifted a double and run Sloan’s team out of stones.

Bryce  v Whyte 
Having the hammer allowed Whyte to take a 3 in the 1st and the 2nd end saw Whyte facing 2 reds with his last shot but he only took one of these allowing Bryce to take a 2.
Whyte took a 1 in the 3rd but Bryce countered with a 2 in the 4th. With the game tied it was open to both but the 5th saw Whyte take 2 in the 5th when Cameron’s hitter rolled out leaving Ross the draw. The 6th saw Bryce having a clear house facing his last stone and he chose to blank the end and going in to the 7th Whyte is 6-4 .
In the 7th end Bryce took a 2 off Whyte and we moved into the 8th end with both teams tied.
In the last end good guards provided by Bryce’s team saw Whyte knocking these off until with the last shot of the game he was faced with three Bryce stones around the 4 foot but still there was an opportunity to hit and roll to the centre and win the game however the stone stayed straight and the result was it rolled out leaving Bryce the winner.

Pougher  v Lill

Lill took the 1st end and Pougher won his end but after that he stole singles in the next three ends so going into the 6th it was 4 -1 for Pougher.
Lill tightened the score by getting a 1 in the 6th and in the 7th Pougher countered by another single and the game finished with a score line of 6-2 for Pougher.

Hamilton v Macleod 

A blank 1st end was followed by MacLeod taking a 1 in the 2nd and Hamilton a 1 in the 3rd. The teams were winning the ends they had the hammer on but a 3 in the 4th saw MacLeod having a 4-2 advantage going into the 6th.
A further 3 by Macleod saw the score 7-2 in their favour and the game was conceded.

Next games for the men are 8 pm and so far the ladies went on only 15 minutes later than expected. Early reports are the ice was running well with good draws.

On Completion of each game teams are playing two LSD to determine hammer for the following game and also for ranking if required to determine the qualifiers to the 1/4finals

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