November 22, 2015

Team Mouat takes Goldline Scottish Curling Tour Forfar Open title

Forfar Open winners - Team Mouat
The final of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour Forfar Open started with little risk being taken from either team and Team Macleod had a slight upper-hand with a score of 1-0 after 3 ends.

The fourth end saw lots of stones in play with skip Bruce Mouat narrowly missing a raised take-out for 3 with his last stone and taking just 1 shot  to level the game at 2-2.

A guddly fifth end saw Scott Macleod get his first stone hidden in the 4 foot however Bruce Mouat played a raised take-out to remove. Scott attempted the same draw again but it slipped to the back 12 foot and gave Team Mouat a significant steal of 4 shots.

Throughout the sixth end, Team Macleod tried to make use of opposition counters to freeze and have as backing. A successful corner freeze from Scott Macleod with his first shot and a four foot draw with his last stone saw a score of 2 added to the board for Team Macleod.

A steal of 1 for Team Macleod in the seventh end saw them go 1 down into the final end. Typically, the guards went up with Team Macleod playing an aggressive end and Team Mouat trying to keep the end as clear as possible. The final stone saw skip Bruce Mouat faced with a nose hit which he executed well to give Team Mouat a 7-4 win and the Forfar Open trophy.

Finalists L-R; Ross Fraser, John Penny, Derrick Sloan, Scott Macleod, Bruce Mouat, Bobby Lammie, Gregor Cannon & Angus Dowell

Team Macleod puts out GSCT leader Team Hardie

The quarter finals were great for the spectators with Team McGlynn having a great game and forcing skip Bruce Mouat to draw the 4 foot with his final stone to win the game. Team Mouat will face Team Bryce in the semi-final after they overcame Team Joiner in this morning's quarter final game.

Team Bryce in action in the quarter final

The ladies quarter final game between Team Jackson and Team Aitken was closely matched with Team Jackson running Team Aitken out of stones in the final end to win the game. They will face Team Macleod who played a great game to see off Team Hardie, current leaders on the GSCT leader-board.

Team Macleod in action in the quarter final

November 21, 2015

Forfar Open Quarter Finalists

The round-robin games have now concluded; Team Jackson had a convincing win over Team Fleming to qualify whilst Team Aitken and Team Murray were neck and neck going into the last end with Team Aitken stealing the last end to take a quarter final place.

Team Mouat was given a good run for their money by Team Kirk however after stealing 3 in the 6th end, Team Mouat never looked back. Team Macleod got a good head-start and were 6-0 up after 3 ends, keeping a solid performance thereafter to secure their place in the quarter finals.

Team Jackson

Team Macleod

Team Mouat

Team Aitken

Tomorrow morning's quarter final line-ups will be as follows:-
Team Bryce v Team Joiner
Team Jackson v Team Aitken
Team Hardie v Team Macleod
Team McGlynn v Team Mouat
The red and blue sections are now complete and see Teams Hardie, Joiner, McGlynn and Bryce through to the quarter finals. The final round-robin session is now underway to determine the remaining 4 quarter finalist teams.

Team Hardie

Team Joiner

Team McGlynn

Team Bryce

Forfar Open Session 2 Results

In Session 2 of the Forfar open, the green and pink sections took the ice. Wins for Mouat and MacLeod in the green section over Taylor and Kirk respectively.  In the Ladies section Sophie Jackson triumphed over Karina Aitken, Sophie is playing without her lead Rachel Hannen this weekend, she is currently in Denmark representing Scotland as alternate for Eve Muirhead.   In the other game Hannah Fleming came out on top against Katie Murray.

The Red and Blue Sections are on the ice at the moment.  Scores can be found on the results page, Team Hardie are again in a commanding position.  As are Bryce, Shaw and Brydone after disappointments last night.

Live Scores:

Team Bryce Post End Chat.  Looks like skip has some explaining to do

November 20, 2015

Forfar Open

We are well under way at the GSCT Forfar Open 2015. The ice conditions are excellent and atmosphere is buzzing.  The first round of games are complete and there was wins for Hardie & Joiner in the Red Section.  Wins for the two local teams in the Blue Section, McGlynn and Ferguson.

The 2nd session is under way, scores can be found on the results tab.  Currently Mouat is in control against Taylor, with the rest of the games very tight.

November 17, 2015

Forfar Open Draw

The Goldline Scottish Curling Tour Forfar Open gets underway this Friday at 6.00pm. £400 for the winning team and £300 for the top women's team is up for grabs as well as the Forfar Open Trophy.

3 of the top 4 teams on the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour leaderboard; Hardie, Mouat and Bryce will have their eyes firmly set on the Trophy and the accompanying 15 points to help them on their way to the GSCT first place prize of £2000.


November 10, 2015

Forfar spots still available!

There is still room for a couple of entries into the GSCT Forfar Open 2015, being held on 20th – 22nd November. An extra few men’s or mixed teams would round off the numbers for a simpler draw format. It would also be a fantastic opportunity for any senior teams to play on the ice where the Scottish Senior qualifier will be played, in January. 
The first draw will begin at 6pm on Fri 20th November.
Forfar always run a terrific competition, which is great value, including a complimentary dinner on the Sat night, as well as plenty of entertainment.
Entry forms can be downloaded here: or just call Mike Ferguson, or Graham Smith on: 01307 46866

November 08, 2015

The winners of Edinburgh International 2015

Winners 2015 - Team Smith
(Right to Left)
1 Cammy Smith, 2 Kyle Waddell, 3 Thomas Muirhead, 4 Kyle Smith (Skip)
Coach Viktor Kjäll

Runners up 2015 - Team Van Dorp
(Left to Right)
1 Carlo Glasbergen, 2 Laurens Hoekman, 3 Wouter Gosgens, 4 Jaap van Dorp (Skip)
Alternate Joey Bruinsma, Coach Shari Leibbrant

The final was a close encounter up until the 6th end. It was 4-4 after 5,
but the Smith rink got a big 3 in the sixth and they were always going to be difficult to catch, with only 2 ends to go.
The final score was 8-5 

Congratulations to the prize winners and see you all in Forfar for the next GSCT event!!!!!

Photographs courtesy of Jayne Stirling Photography

Your Finalists for Edinburgh International 2015

Van Dorp (NED)
·         (Left to right)
·         1 Carlo Glasbergen
·         2 Laurens Hoekman
·         3 Wouter Gosgens
·         4 Jaap van Dorp Skip

Smith (SCO) 
·         (Right to Left)
           1 Cammy Smith
·         2 Kyle Waddell
·         3 Thomas Muirhead
·         4 Kyle Smith Skip

        Photograph courtesy of Jayne Stirling Photography

Semis decided at Murrayfield!

In the first semi, Smith dominated proceedings against Kauste, after a big 4 in the 3rd, eventually taking it 7-4.
The second semi was a lot closer, with the MacDonald rink up 1 without hammer, after 7. With Ewan out, due to a knee injury, Dave Edwards has been skipping this weekend and John Penny has stepped in as their “super sub” (not Dave’s words)! With Van Dorp already sitting 1, it left Jaap with a straight draw to the four foot for the win, which he made.
So the final of the 2015 Edinburgh International will be:

Smith (SCO)       v              Van Dorp (NED)

Three one siders and a nail biter!

With Smith beating Brewster 6-1, Kauste beating Combe 7-0 and MacDonald beating Attinger 7-2, it was down to a low scoring battle between Jaap Van Dorp and Scott MacLeod to entertain the crowd.

 Photographs courtesy of Jane Stirling Photography

With the score tied at 2-2 after 7 and with Van Dorp having the hammer, MacLeod had no option but to go for the steal. With skips stones to go, MacLeod was lying one on the outer edge of the 12, to one side, with a long guard about a foot from the centre line. Van Dorp had 4 stones, just short of the rings, on the opposite side to MacLeod’s counter. Scott took some time to decide whether to come round the Van Dorp stones, or come around his own long guard. He chose the latter, but was a touch heavy and sat back of tee. Jaap tried to follow him, but came up short of the house. Scott then tried to draw top four, behind Jaap’s short stone, with anything short being good. He was a little heavy again and not behind the cover sticking it right on the pin. This left Jaap a straight hit for the win, which he duly made!

So the semis line up like this:

Smith (SCO)                   v       Kauste (FIN)
Van Dorp (NED)            v       MacDonald (SCO)

Here’s to some exciting semi finals!