October 16, 2015


Play got under way this morning with some great games of Curling and no major upsets.

Bryce v MacLeod saw Macleod take 5 of the 8 ends and win 7-6.

Bryce took a 3 in the first end and MacLeod could only take a 1 in the second. Bryce countered with a 2 in the 3rd but MacLeod had a string of success and won the next three ends going into the 7th end with a 6-5 lead. The 7th end saw Bryce lying two in the house – one of which was in the 4 foot and playing long guards which were initially removed until a well-played 5th MacLeod stone went round the guard and hit and rolled the centre stone – a nice tap back by the Bryce 5th stone saw their yellow in the 4 foot but open. Bryce took the 1 in the 7th to level the game but in the 8th Macleod took a 1 to win the game.

Pougher v Whyte as Pougher take 4 of the 7 ends however a 3 and a 4 by Whyte saw them take the game 8-5.

Pougher took only a 1 in the first against Whyte as a result of his last stone appearing to pick up however he also took a further 1 in the 2nd and a 1 in the 4th. Whyte took a 1 in the 3rd and then a 3 in the 4th – however Pougher had a 2 in the 6th and saw the lead changing again to 5-4 for Pougher with two ends to go. With Whyte having the hammer he was looking for a two. Pougher placed his shot amongst the Whyte shots leaving Ross with a tricky last shot to remove it and leave his own. He had a nice hit and gained 4 shots to go 3 up.

Hamilton v Lill saw two blank ends and this was followed by a well fought game and Lille won by getting a single in the last end.

Hamilton v Lill was extremely tight with blank ends in the 1st and 3rd and only Hamilton managed to score with a single in the second end. After that Lill took the 4th with a 2 and a 1 in the 5th. Hamilton took a one in the 7th and the game was tied with last end deciding. Lill with the hammer took a 1 to win the game.

Mouat v Graham Sloan saw Mouat playing exceedingly well and the game was conceded after Mouat won the first four ends.

Mouat v the local team of Graham Sloan, David Owen and two junior club members Bill Turner & Andrew Murray saw the local team being outpaced to the extent they were 9 down by the 3rd end and the game concluded after 4ends.

Taylor v Local Team Howat saw both teams taking three ends and a blank in the 7th saw the last end being decided when Taylor took a 3.

Taylor v another local team of Howat was a tight battle with Howat taking a 1 in the 1st but then losing singles in both the 2nd and 3rd ends. Going into the 7th and last end saw the game tied 3 all with both teams having taken singles each end. The Taylor team were however up to this and kept the opposition out and won by three shots.

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