November 06, 2016

Eight becomes Four

In the match between Stjerne and Bryce, the Danish took convincing a 3-1 lead after four ends. Despite an strong second half from Team Bryce, they were unable to convert this into a win. Team Stjerne move forward to the semi finals. 

Three scores of 1 in ends 6, 7 and 8 secured a 6-3  win for Kubeška against Baumann of Germany. 

A strong score of 3 for Šik in end 5 wasn't enough to shake off a strong Team Mouat, who make up one half of an all Scottish semi final clash. 
GSCT leaders proceed to the semi finals once more, after a comfortable 6-2 win over Team Schwaller in their quarter final.

Stjerne v Kubeška and Mouat v Hardie semi finals are underway now at Murrayfield. Kubeška and Mouat have hammer in their respective matches. 

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