November 08, 2015

Three one siders and a nail biter!

With Smith beating Brewster 6-1, Kauste beating Combe 7-0 and MacDonald beating Attinger 7-2, it was down to a low scoring battle between Jaap Van Dorp and Scott MacLeod to entertain the crowd.

 Photographs courtesy of Jane Stirling Photography

With the score tied at 2-2 after 7 and with Van Dorp having the hammer, MacLeod had no option but to go for the steal. With skips stones to go, MacLeod was lying one on the outer edge of the 12, to one side, with a long guard about a foot from the centre line. Van Dorp had 4 stones, just short of the rings, on the opposite side to MacLeod’s counter. Scott took some time to decide whether to come round the Van Dorp stones, or come around his own long guard. He chose the latter, but was a touch heavy and sat back of tee. Jaap tried to follow him, but came up short of the house. Scott then tried to draw top four, behind Jaap’s short stone, with anything short being good. He was a little heavy again and not behind the cover sticking it right on the pin. This left Jaap a straight hit for the win, which he duly made!

So the semis line up like this:

Smith (SCO)                   v       Kauste (FIN)
Van Dorp (NED)            v       MacDonald (SCO)

Here’s to some exciting semi finals!

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