November 22, 2015

Team Mouat takes Goldline Scottish Curling Tour Forfar Open title

Forfar Open winners - Team Mouat
The final of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour Forfar Open started with little risk being taken from either team and Team Macleod had a slight upper-hand with a score of 1-0 after 3 ends.

The fourth end saw lots of stones in play with skip Bruce Mouat narrowly missing a raised take-out for 3 with his last stone and taking just 1 shot  to level the game at 2-2.

A guddly fifth end saw Scott Macleod get his first stone hidden in the 4 foot however Bruce Mouat played a raised take-out to remove. Scott attempted the same draw again but it slipped to the back 12 foot and gave Team Mouat a significant steal of 4 shots.

Throughout the sixth end, Team Macleod tried to make use of opposition counters to freeze and have as backing. A successful corner freeze from Scott Macleod with his first shot and a four foot draw with his last stone saw a score of 2 added to the board for Team Macleod.

A steal of 1 for Team Macleod in the seventh end saw them go 1 down into the final end. Typically, the guards went up with Team Macleod playing an aggressive end and Team Mouat trying to keep the end as clear as possible. The final stone saw skip Bruce Mouat faced with a nose hit which he executed well to give Team Mouat a 7-4 win and the Forfar Open trophy.

Finalists L-R; Ross Fraser, John Penny, Derrick Sloan, Scott Macleod, Bruce Mouat, Bobby Lammie, Gregor Cannon & Angus Dowell

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