November 08, 2015

The winners of Edinburgh International 2015

Winners 2015 - Team Smith
(Right to Left)
1 Cammy Smith, 2 Kyle Waddell, 3 Thomas Muirhead, 4 Kyle Smith (Skip)
Coach Viktor Kjäll

Runners up 2015 - Team Van Dorp
(Left to Right)
1 Carlo Glasbergen, 2 Laurens Hoekman, 3 Wouter Gosgens, 4 Jaap van Dorp (Skip)
Alternate Joey Bruinsma, Coach Shari Leibbrant

The final was a close encounter up until the 6th end. It was 4-4 after 5,
but the Smith rink got a big 3 in the sixth and they were always going to be difficult to catch, with only 2 ends to go.
The final score was 8-5 

Congratulations to the prize winners and see you all in Forfar for the next GSCT event!!!!!

Photographs courtesy of Jayne Stirling Photography

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