November 07, 2015

Edinburgh quarter spots filling up fast!

     Photograph courtesy of Jane Stirling Photography

The quarter final spots for groups A & B are decided, but how simple will sections C & D work out?

Section A
Tom Brewster’s rink is through, undefeated to tomorrow’s quarter finals, with Scott Macleod’s new rink only dropping one game to join them there.
Section B
Both Van Dorp and Smith drop one game each, but make it straight through to the quarters.
Section C
Attinger and Kauste are sitting top of their section, with one game to play, but losses from either one could open the door to Baumann or Shaw and it would come down to who beat who, or if necessary, the accumulated LSD's.
Section D
MacDonald has secured his place in tomorrow’s quarters, but the second spot could go to one of 3 teams, Combe, Eskilsson, or Stjerne. The accountants may have to be wheeled out for this one too.

Saturday night just got interesting!!!!!!!!!!!

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