March 19, 2017

Hardie wins Aberdeen International

Grant Hardie and his rink of Blair Fraser, Duncan Menzies and David Reid have cemented their place at the top of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour Leaderboard with a win over Team Liu of China in the final of the Aberdeen International.

Hardie opened with one in the first end, to which Liu replied with one in the second. Capitalising on the last stone advantage by scoring 2 in ends three and five, while Team China could only manage to score a single point in end 4. Ends 6 and 7 were blanked, and then the Chinese were run out of stones in end 8.

Thanks were given to the ice staff, Curl Aberdeen staff, competitors and spectators; the great support for the final was noted.

This draws the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour to a close for this season - look out for the final leaderboard update soon!

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