March 17, 2017

Friday Evening Update from Aberdeen

After a busy day of play at the Aberdeen International, the last few games of the day are coming to a close.

This evening's session saw McEwen (Canada) victorious over Stjerne (Denmark) in the A event, meaning they have qualified for the quarter finals. Ulsrud (Norway) is up against Murdoch (Scotland) to secure their playoff place; it is currently 5-5 after 6 ends, with the Norwegians playing with hammer.

In the B event this evening,  Tom Brewster's home team is playing Canadian visitors Deruelle. That game stands at 6-3 to the visitors after 6 ends. Brewster has hammer. The other B event game sees fellow Scots Mouat 4-2 down against Kauste (Finland), where Team Mouat are playing the 8th end with hammer.

Craik (Scotland) lost out to Shuster (USA) in the C event, meaning that they have been knocked out of the event, but the young team have put in some great performances against world class teams over the past couple of days. Italian team Retornaz defeated Baumann (Germany) in their evening's other C event match up.


After a draw to the 4ft for a score of 1, Deruelle have defeated Team Brewster.

Team Kauste proceed in the B event after defeating Team Mouat.

*further update*

After an extra end, Murdoch makes an open hit with his last stone to defeat Ulsrud. The Scots played a solid loooooooong game and it was a classic Ulsrud/Muddy battle for the ages. [last end report by Svae of Team Ulsrud]

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