October 09, 2014

Team Edwards Win Sulwath Open at Dumfries

Dumfries Ice Bowl hosted the Sulwath Open with some great games being played over the weekend.

The teams also enjoyed some hospitality on the Friday night and a good night was had by all on the Saturday as the bar bought in some extra supplies to meet the demand. We would like to thank all the teams for making the trip down to the Ice Bowl and have had some good feedback which will be introduced for the Open next season.

The New Ladies element to the Open was won by Hannah Fleming and her team.

The 1/4 finals produced some great games which kept the spectators in the curling lounge on the edge of their seats.

Sunday Morning saw David Edward defeat Bruce Mouat and David Hardie beat Graeme Adam in the semi finals.

The Final was very evenly contested with a real battle of tactics between the two teams. Team Edwards managed to sqeeze a 2 shot lead in to the last end where they were able to keep control leaving Richard Woods (throwing last stones for D Hardie) with a long raise for two to force an extra end. It was a very close effort picking his own stone out rather than the Edwards rink stone. 

Runners up Team David Hardie

Sulwath Open winners 2014 Team Edwards.

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