October 24, 2014

Goldline SCT Forfar event underway

After the first round of games at the Goldline SCT Forfar event, Section A is led by Lee McCleary who beat David Edwards in a tight game led all the way by McCleary, and Team Jones (skipped by John Duff) who set up a great last end, managing to steal 2 for a 5-4 win against Ron Caithness' local team.
Team McCleary checking out options

In section B, Ross McCleary had a good second half performance with steals in ends 5, 6 and 7 to secure a win against Stuart Taylor and Stray Dogs had a 5-4 win over Andy McGlynn.

In section C which comprises 5 ladies teams, it was Hannah Fleming and Lauren Gray's teams who were victorious with the two teams up against each other in the second round.
Team Fleming v Team Gray in the 2nd round of games

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