September 15, 2012

Quarter Final Line-up

Section 1 saw local teams finishing well with Graham Sloan, Fraser Kingan and Ross Whyte all grabbing places in the quarters. Graham needed to take his last end against Logan Gray to pip Team Maitland into 4th spot. Logan Gray finished top of the section.

Team Gray, sponsored by Loudmouth, brightening up the ice hall.

Section 2 gave spectators an exciting finish. Fraser Hare had already qualified in top spot and took a big early 6 against Team David Jones to then hold out for the win. However, Team Jones could just be thrown a lifeline if Hannah Fleming was to beat Alan Hannah. Fleming also not yet assured of her place in the quarters was two shots down with three to play but took a three and then stole the last two to see her through along with a relieved Jones team. The final place was filled by team Gavin Fleming who recovered from a poor performance on Friday to snatch a qualifying spot following three wins on the Saturday.

Quarter Final match-ups:
Whyte vs G Fleming
Gray vs Jones
Hare vs Sloan
H Fleming vs Kingan

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