September 17, 2012

Kinross Open

Being no stranger to prestigious events, Kinross Curling Rink has now added its first Goldline Scottish Curling Tour event (the Kinross Open) to a 2012/13 calendar that already features successful events such as the RCCC Adult Camp, Junior Classic, Wheelchair International Invitational, and more. This event will take place from 14th-16th December.

Ice Manager Steven Kerr, and his dedicated ice staff, will make sure that you experience one of the best playing surfaces in the country; while the Green Hotel Golf & Leisure Resort will do what it can to keep you fed, watered, and entertained.

Teams looking to stay for the weekend have a vast range of local accommodation options to chose from, while teams looking to travel to/from the rink each day are in luck too: Kinross Curling Rink is located 2 minutes off the M90, and its central location is quickly & easily accessed from all directions - Perth & Stirling are 30 minutes away, while Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee are within an hours drive.

Your teams’ entry fee of £200 will guarantee you at least 3 games; plus buffet food on the Saturday night subject to competition sponsorship and a full compliment of teams.

A top prize of £600 will be awarded to the winners, with lower prizes for all teams reaching the semi-finals.

For all the relevant information about the event, please visit the official blog:

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Any other enquires should be directed towards the Event Manager, David Jones:

mob: 07878 821005


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