February 05, 2017


The Hutcheon versus Dunn game started cagily with two black ends. First blood went to Andrew Hutcheon's local side in the 4th when they picked up a three. The English team fought on but lost a two in the 6th to give Hutcheon some breathing space. Going onto the 8th Dunn needed to steal a two for the extra but only managed a single giving the local team a place in the final.

Team Dunn

In the second semi final the Welsh continued their good form picking up a score of three in the first end. Edwards experienced side kept the pressure on forcing some great stones from skip James to keep Welsh noses in front. In the 6th however there were lots of stones in play and Edwards managed to steal a two to put the Scots in front for the first time. Team Pougher came straight back in the 7th drawing for another three shots to regain the driving seat. Into the 8th and team Edwards were looking good for at least a two or maybe three for the game until a good draw for second shot by the Welsh skip. David then confidently drew the 4-foot for an extra end. In the extra Edwards had a couple of stones in the house. The Welsh continued to remove the Edwards guards and left themselves with a draw to the 4-foot for the game with their last. The sweepers worked hard and forced Edwards' third John Penny to call a measure... the umpire did his job and called the red Welsh rock as shot.

Final: Hutcheon v Pougher

Team Edwards consider their options

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