September 23, 2016

Braehead kicks off new tour season!

Braehead is set to start the 2016/17 GSCT this weekend, beginning at 6pm on Friday.
Once again Braehead will host an international field, with teams flying in from all over the UK and Europe.
The defending Braehead champion Grant Hardie is back. Grant was runner up in the tour last year and looks keen to start the season with a repeat of last year’s opening victory.  The GSCT overall champion Bruce Mouat is also back, with a re-jigged 5 man team, adding Alistair Schreiber and Derek Sloan to last year’s Bobby Lammie and Gregor Cannon.
Both teams can be seen below, receiving their GSCT prizes last season, surrounded by the Braehead Rockers, who are coached by Alan and Gregor, from team Mouat.

There are plenty of others to watch out for, as there have been a lot of lineup changes to many of this year teams. Certainly Cameron Bryce, Gina Aitken, Sophie Jackson, Anna Kubeskova and Hazel Smith, who is said to be adding (amongst others) an Olympian to her team. There will also be some extremely experienced senior talent, like Ken Horton, and Graeme Adam. I’m sure we shall have a few surprises, especially from some of the newly re-jigged teams and of course the up and coming youngsters.

Results for Braehead can be found throughout the weekend in the results page of the GSCT blog Good luck to all those taking part!

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