March 27, 2016

Final Time in Aberdeen

Two contrasting Semi finals in Aberdeen, David Murdoch was first off the ice with a strong performance and win over Michael Brunner, David and his team started very strong and took a dominant lead which wasn't recovered.  They were off early and awaiting the winner of Ulsrud and Brewster.  Thomas looked to be in control of the second half but an uncharacteristic mistake in the 7th gifted a steal to Tom.  Brewster was 1 up without hammer in the last.  Thomas was left with a draw to the four foot with backing but was a fraction wide and it slid off, a measure was called, the Norwegian brushes went into the bags, they knew what was coming, a steal of 1 for Brewster. Much to the delight of the home crowd there's an all Scottish final, Tom Brewster vs David Murdoch

The final starts at 4pm, Line scores available here


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