September 27, 2015

Saturday Update and Sunday Format!

Ok folks, strap yourselves in and I will try my best to explain the format for last night and today!
After the initial 3 rounds, teams Mouat and Jackson from A and Bryce and MacDonald from B went straight to today's quarters.

In the playoffs for high Rd quarter spots, Hardie beat MacFarlane 9-2, Ireland beat McCall 7-3, Lumsden beat Wilson 4-2 and Havercroft beat Horton 7-3.

The bottom 4 from each section head to a low road 3 game mini shenkel, all games being 6 ends, with no final!

Are you still with me?

The high Rd quarter are:
Bryce v Lumsden
MacDonald v Havercroft
Mouat v Ireland
Jackson v Hardie

In the qrts and semis, if peels, a draw shot will be played. In the final, an extra end will be played.

In the low Rd shenkel, the first game is:
Aitken v A Taylor
Kubeskova v Fowler
Valfridsson v Wales
S Taylor v Sharp

Good luck to all the teams!

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