December 19, 2014

Reminder about the Substitute Rules

Following a recent audit of the results for this season, by the committee, it transpires that two teams have now breached the substitutes rule 1.3 and as such have had a second entry added to the leaderboard as per rule 1.4.

The full GSCT rules are published on the website. These are reviewed by the committee annually and any changes will be advised on the blog at the end of each season.

1. Team Eligibility 1.1 Any group of 4 players will be eligible to play in SCT tournaments and be awarded SCT points.
1.2 On award of SCT points, the full names of players used in the tournament (including any substitutes) must be submitted to tournament organiser.
1.3 In order to continue accruing points on SCT leaderboard no more than six players may be used by one team in any given season.
1.4 On use of 7th player in any tournament, points awarded in that event will be listed as a new team on the SCT leader board.

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