November 09, 2014

Edinburgh International - Sunday Round Up

Team Kauste from Finland qualified for the final of and were up against Team Sik from The Czech Republic.
The final started slowly but in the 2nd end Team Kauste played a good aggressive end and left Sik facing 3 shots. His attempted double takeout jammed and only one stone was removed, which left Kauste with a draw for 3 points, which was made. Team Sik responded with a 3 of their own in the 3rd end to tie the game. End 4 was blanked but then Kauste made a solid shot to score another 3, this time in the 5th end. Sik could only score 1 in the 6th end but a miss by Kauste in the 7th end allowed Sik to steal 2 in the 7th end to tie the score at 6-6. Team Kauste held the last stone in the 8th end and made no mistake, scoring 1 to win the game 7-6.

Team Kauste qualified for the final following an 8-5 victory over Team Brewster in the quarter final and following this up with a 5-3 win over Team Van Dorp from the Netherlands.Team Sik qualified for the final by defeating Team Smith 6-4 in the quarter final and then defeating Team Taylor in the semi final.

Winners of the 2014 Edinburgh International - Team Kauste

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