August 11, 2014

Update on Scottish Curling Championships

Last season the RCCC invited Competitors and Coaches to complete a survey after each stage of the Scottish Curling Championship to gather feedback and opinion to enable us to deliver competitions and events which support the needs of our membership.  The feedback we received identified areas for improvement which led to a full review of the qualification process for the Scottish Curling Championships.  The review led to a proposal which would eradicate the current system that is subject to change each season depending on the number of entries received.
The proposal was to utilise results from World Curling Tour (WCT), Champions Curling Tour (CCT), Challenger Series (CS) and Scottish Curling Tour (SCT) to achieve a ranking.  Men’s Teams ranked 1-8 and Women’s Teams ranked 1-4 would qualify directly for the Scottish Curling Championship.  The remaining entrants would participate in a 1 weekend qualifying event for 2 places for each gender. The number of teams gaining direct entry to the Scottish Curling Women’s Championship, via the ranking system, is based on current participation figures and may change should there be an increase in entries.
Following agreement in principle from the relevant RCCC Committees, discussions have taken place with Players and Coaches, Scottish Curling Tour (SCT) Committee, SCT Competition Representatives and RCCC Board.  Consultation has been in the main positive, however it has been decided that to ensure due diligence is taken in implementing any change to the Scottish Curling Championship, that the qualification process will remain unchanged for Season 2014-15.
The RCCC and SCT Committee and Organisers have agreed that the RCCC will investigate and trial a number of ranking systems, in the background, throughout the coming season to inform the decision making process.
The qualification process for the Scottish Curling Championships for Season 2014-15 will be dependent on entry numbers however it is likely that 2 qualification weekends will be required for the Men’s Championship.  Entry forms will be available on the RCCC website in the near future.
Scottish Curling Men’s Championships – Qualifier
16 – 18 January 2015 (Dumfries Ice Bowl – venue subject to the agreement of terms and conditions)
6 – 8 February 2015 (Braehead Curling)
Scottish Curling Women’s Championship – Qualifier or Double Round Robin
6 – 8 February 2015 (Braehead Curling)
Scottish Curling Championships
16 – 22 February 2015 (Dewars Centre, Perth)

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