August 20, 2012

Profile of Team Shedden

The Shedden team which finished 5th on the SCT leaderboard last season is very much looking forward to the season ahead and hope to participate in 6 of the 8 SCT events.

They also plan to play in the Scottish Championships.

Chay Telfer and John Tait are returning again this season with Graeme Hay coming in to replace Hugh Thompson.

With his head still fully lodged in summer mode, Graham's goals and aspirations lie with getting the entry forms in on time and finding a suitable team outfit.

As consummate athletes, Team Shedden is planning a sober season. This does not involve avoidance of alcohol, it just involves avoidance of Team Gracie aka Team COO!
He is very happy to see the curling tour going from strength to strength and plan to support it as best they can.
We wish Team Shedden all the best for the season and look forward to seeing them on the SCT.

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